UNA Indonesia's Program

UNA Indonesia’s programs are mainly created to enable local NGOs to develop their organizations’ capabilities and outputs, and connect with other NGOs, the Indonesian society, and the UN’s institutions in Indonesia. Additionally, UNA Indonesia also has a program which allows the general public and members of our community to have a dialogue with the UN in Indonesia and other related stakeholders

These programs are in line with our vision and mission to raise public awareness and civic participation in promoting the goals of the UN, as well as identifying and supporting local NGOs that work within the confines of SDGs. In line with the need for more youth participation in achieving the SDGs, UNA Indonesia particularly focuses on youth-led organizations. However, NGOs working toward the SDGs that are outside the age group can also benefit from our programs.


Community Forum

UNA Indonesia Community Forum is a platform facilitated by UNA Indonesia for the general public to have a dialogue with the UN Country Team Indonesia and other related stakeholders. The event is to be held through an online platform but is also possible to be held offline if the situation and the stakeholders permit. If held online, the event will be held through Zoom along with a YouTube live stream.

The forum will highlight certain issues, topics, or concerns raised by the public to be discussed with related UN entities and stakeholders. This, may, in a way, serves as a platform to bridge the public’s voices and concerns to the stakeholders, particularly the UN, and to inform the UN’s latest progress and innovations. The speakers include representatives of the UN entities in Indonesia and stakeholders from various sectors.

Idea Platform

United Nations Association Indonesia Community Forum (UNA Indonesia CF) is a program which seeks to empower the society by strengthening the engagement and increasing dialogues of the public especially the youth with the United Nations entities in Indonesia, government, experts, and other stakeholders. It further aims to embrace the public’s voices, as their ideas and innovations are essential to solve the issues within the society and therefore, shall be recognized, taken into consideration, and implemented by the stakeholders, especially by the United Nations in Indonesia.

In UNAI CF, the community are encouraged to provide their own ideas as topic of discussions. The UNAI CF are open to any suggestions, ideas, and topics which are of urgency and important to be discussed in the society at that time. This can include but not limited to social, economic, cultural, environmental, civil, political issues.

The public can provide their suggestions through filling in this Idea Platform. If you have more than one proposed topic, please kindly submit the proposal separately.

Speakers Bureau

UNA Indonesia Speakers Bureau is an online platform that facilitates Indonesian grassroots organizations with more convenient access to the United Nations. The program seeks to provide free assistance for organizations in conducting a conference, summits, discussion, or other similar events. The assistance offered particularly focuses on providing easy access to speakers, facilitators, or representatives from the United Nations, other United Nations entities, and other stakeholders such as experts from numerous fields of expertise.

The organizations participating in the program have the ability to choose a preferred speaker or facilitator or in any circumstances where necessary, the UNA Indonesia and UN Indonesia will provide them with suitable speakers. The speakers and facilitators that are part of the UNA Indonesia Speakers Bureau might also have the opportunity to speak in the monthly United Nations Community Forum (UN Community Forum) arranged by UNA Indonesia

Idea Platform

UNA Indonesia Sustainable Development Hub (SDH) is platform that brings youth-led community organizations together to offer a range of activities, programs, and services. With the abundant amount of youth-led community-based organizations, UNA Indonesia seeks to empower and foster the mutual learning process of the organizations to allow them to deliver better services for the community. This space will also allow organizations to connect, share, and empower each other to achieve common interests and establish initiatives.

In other words, SDH exists as a catalysator and a platform to foster and enhance the mutual learning process for youth-led community-based organizations to be able to learn how to deliver services towards the community, connecting to the UN, and empowering the organization itself. It allows such organizations to collaborate with diverse organizations in the given space, especially those working towards achieving SDGs in Indonesia. Within this platform, organizations are highly encouraged to collaborate on programs such as but not limited to: (a) Membership Network, (b) Capacity Building, and (c) SDH Open Calendar.