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Greetings and welcome aboard the United Nations Association Indonesia (UNA Indonesia) family! It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to our association and to our official website.

On behalf of the entire UNA Indonesia team, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and I wish you a pleasant experience.

About UNA Indonesia

United Nations Association Indonesia (UNA Indonesia) is a nonprofit group established by Indonesian youths in 2021. UNA Indonesia aims to enhance the relationship between Indonesian society, particularly youth and the marginalized, with the United Nations.

UNA Indonesia is an official member of World Federation United Nations Association (WFUNA), engaged with global governance to support the works and goals of the UN in Indonesia and worldwide. UNA Indonesia is also acknowledged by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia as an official association.

UNA Indonesia believes that building a sustainable society can only be achieved through inclusive and inter-generational development, thus UNAI is also persistent in supporting local grassroots organizations working within the confines of Sustainable Development Goals and pushing for youth involvement and civic participation in global governance.

UNA Indonesia

What we do

UNA Indonesia educates Indonesians about the UN, its goals, issues, and the important role that the UN has. We also inform people how they can participate in accomplishing these goals and encourage them to do so. UNA Indonesia does this through its social platforms and events that allow the UN to share its insights while also hearing back from the public. You can see our events here.

While raising awareness is pivotal, we realize that so is taking action. There are those that are already working to achieve the UN’s goals but still lack resources for their impacts to be far-reaching and sustainable. Thus, UNA Indonesia gathers feedback from communities to identify their concerns and the areas they still need support in. Furthermore, we also allow the public to submit their proposals to the UN through us if they want to collaborate with the UN or request the UN for resources, such as through capacity building.

Lastly, realizing that youth participation in the UN is still minimum despite increasing interest, UNA Indonesia also hosts interns throughout the year. They will be able to learm more about the UN and experience working with them. It is important for our nation’s youths to understand that the UN needs their contributions, and that change begins from home.

Our President

Giras Bowo President

Our Professional Team

Bhagasjati Kusuma Secretary General

Muthia Fadhila Khairunnisa Under Secretary General for Program Development

Andiana Maharani Pitaloka Under Secretary General for Communication and Outreach

Farah Hafizhah Arieftia Under Secretary General for Internal Affairs

Chendy Puspita Manager (Research and Development)

Mudhya Razanne Tiara Vice Manager (Research and Development)

Salsabila Annisa Putri Vice Manager (Research and Development)

Husain Aqil Officer (Research and Development)

Ratnadya Natassya Officer (Research and Development)

Felice Valeria Officer (Research and Development)

Ridwan Prawira Officer (Research and Development)

Shania Puteri Azaria Officer (Research and Development)

Erni Yuliyanti Officer (Research and Development)

Muhammad Ibrahim Soejoeti Manager (UNAI Hub)

Wanda Rahmalestari Vice Manager (UNAI Hub)

Judith Gracia Adha Officer (UNAI Hub)

Sarah Mumtaz Officer (UNAI Hub)

Rahajeng Amaragati Aryono Officer (UNAI Hub)

Quentino Adzandra Junandar Manager (Community Forum)

Rahmat Akbar Berliano Ulurura Vice Manager (Community Forum)

Sulistiyono Officer (Community Forum)

Ashar Ilyasa Hakim Officer (Community Forum)

Cynthia Dwi Kurnia Officer (Community Forum)

Medeline Irene Tanjung Officer (Community Forum)

Agustinus Allan Porajow Manager (Communication)

Shania Swarnadwipa Officer (Communication - Copywriter)

Maulana Hizrian Hazazi Officer (Communication - Social Media)

Gabriela Karnadi Officer (Communication - Graphic Design)

Jerell Michael Cussoy Officer (Communication - Graphic Design)

Aurelia Bianca Hanjaya Officer (Communication - Social Media)

Rifka Annisa Hakim Officer (Communication - Graphic Design)

Daffa Dewa Saputra Officer (Communication - Copywriter)

Yusran alindri dwimajida Officer (Communication - Social Media)

Yosia Bagus Wiyono Officer (Communication - Graphic Design)

Diva Devina Officer (Communication - Copywriter)

Made Caniapasis Officer (Communication - Copywriter)

Zahra Audia Narendra Manager (Outreach)

Ruth Ivana Arella Officer (Outreach)

Klarina Reyhan Hidayat Officer (Outreach)

Cut Putroe Salsabilla Officer (Outreach)

Muhammad Daffa Rizqillah Officer (Outreach)

Raihan Maulana Fajri Officer (Outreach)

Nabila Maharani Naumi Officer (Outreach)

Laurentia Fidella Averina Setia Santoso Officer (Speakers Bureau)

Siti Marisa Permata Sari Officer (Speakers Bureau)

Fakhril Ramadhan Officer (Speakers Bureau)

Holongi Theonia Lampungu Sitorus Manager (Human Resources)

Maria Olivia Laurent Officer (HR - Intern Management)

Mega Riahta Siti Aisyah Officer (HR - Intern Management)

Theodore Agatha Officer (HR - Intern Management)

Ineta Patricia Thio Vice Manager (HR - Recruitment and Evaluation)

Andrew Malay Naufalibna Nasution Officer (HR - Recruitment and Evaluation)

Pathul Fitriani Husna Officer (HR - Recruitment and Evaluation)

Nuur Aini Faadhilah Officer (HR - Recruitment and Evaluation)

Mochamad Adi Isrofi Addnan Officer (HR - Recruitment and Evaluation)

Adisti Sekar Palupi Officer (HR - Training and Development)

Daniella Pia Darmanto Officer (HR - Training and Development)

Shabil Syach Pachlefi Officer (HR - Training and Development)

Tiffany Linda Rosemarry Manager (Administration and Legal)

Berlian Widya Tama Officer (Administration and Legal)