Greetings and welcome aboard

Greetings and welcome aboard the United Nations Association Indonesia (UNA Indonesia) family! It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to our association and to our official website. 

With less than 10 years leading up to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda, Indonesia has seen major developments in carrying out its commitment to the SDGs. At the same time, the Indonesian government has also shown immense contribution and active participation in international fora such as the Security Council (2019-2020), the Human Rights Council (2020-2022), and the Economic and Social Council (2021-2023). Despite the remarkable achievements and strong bond the United Nations and the Indonesian government have, Indonesian societies are often still left unaware of or even indifferent towards the works of the United Nations. The formation of UNA Indonesia is intended to bridge those gaps that exist between the United Nations and the Indonesian society. 

Moreover, I am thrilled to refer to UNA Indonesia as a youth-led organization. The recent 2020 Indonesian census reported that Indonesian youth made up the country’s largest population. Pursuant to our values and youth identity, UNA Indonesia is thus committed to profoundly support young Indonesian social entrepreneurs in their efforts for the SDGs and to affirm our constant support in providing a platform for Indonesian youth to develop to their fullest potential. 

This website is one among UNA Indonesia’s various engagement platforms. It is designed specifically to cater to your needs and thus meant to be treated as your own. It serves as a hub for you to explore all of UNA Indonesia’s activities as well as other resources. It is our primary goal for you to feel comfortable with the platform. Thus, we also encourage you not to hesitate to share your thoughts, comments, and ideas regarding our website. Because we believe that the work towards achieving the Global Goals requires the involvement of every single individual, starting with you! 

On behalf of the entire UNA Indonesia team, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and I wish you a pleasant experience. 

October 2021
Giras Bowo
President of United Nations Association Indonesia